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How to Talk to Doctors

Disclaimer: I am not and have never been a qualified medical professional, so this is informal, unqualified advice. If you have heart pains, shortness of breath, or feel unsafe in yourself or towards others, go straight to a medical professional and stop reading now. In a past life, I once turned up to a new job to find two shoulders sitting on my new desk. Thankfully this wasn't entirely unexpected, given I was an office manager for an orthopaedic surgeon. I quite enjoyed it as a job actually. The doctor I worked for was a middle aged Iraqi man who'd left after the first Gulf War. He'd just set up his own practice in New Zealand, and he worked twice as much as any of the other specialists in our building, which meant a lot of work for me. I picked up a variety of different skills [1] but by far the most useful has been learning how to talk to doctors. It can be incredibly frustrating to try and get medical help, especially for invisible illnesses. But

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