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How I accidentally helped create a Chinese torrent site

It was the early to mid 2000s. Video streaming was still establishing itself, and piracy and torrents were where you went for to pirate video. Before Crunchyroll went legit in 2009, non-Japanese speaking anime fans would have to wait for an American company to buy a show, translate it, then dub it.…

I Wanna Be The Very Best!

Originally published on Medium on 8 April 2018
How a Pokémon themed Slackbot helped me with motivation and learning… through the power of emoji! ✨
University Challenge NZ: the country cousin of the original UK edition
That’s me, admitting on national TV that I watch Eurovision. You see, I’m a very c…

Developing As A Developer

A version of this post was given as a talk to students from the University of Auckland Women in Computer Science group in August 2016.
I was so excited when I got my first job as a software engineer. I was going to write so much code! It was going to be great! Every day would look like this: (My ear…